VOSH Pennsylvania

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity - Pennsylvania Chapter

                          OUR HISTORY & WHAT WE DO 


In October of 2008, Drs. Dave McPhillips and Christine Chmielewski started VOSH DelVal concentrating their mission work, which had been in Guatemala, to Haiti.  Thru those missions, many people have been able to see clearly.  VOSH teams have made connections with local Haitian opthamologists and continue to this day, to work with them.  People that were functionally blind from cataracts could now be enabled to see thru cataract surgery, arranged by referral from our missions.  We also work with American surgeons who visit Haiti in connection with us, or slightly afterward, so that they can give surgical care to patients who have cataracts, Glaucoma or other eye related problems.  To give you a comparison to American standards for cataract surgery, in the United States, most people are at about 20/40 to 20/60 range of vision in the worse eye before they have cataract surgery.  This usually affects their ability to read fine print or drive comfortably, especially at night.  In Haiti, so many people have cataracts that we refer patients when BOTH eyes are 20/200 or worse.

In 2011, VOSH DelVal changed its name to VOSH Pennsylvania, abbreviated VOSH PA.  We have been doing 4 missions to northern Haiti in the Cap Haitien and Milot area.  We continue to refer surgical and advanced treatment patients to Hospital Sacre Couer in Milot and now a new clinic which opened in May of 2013, called Vision Plus Clinique.  With so much care needed in Haiti, we are starting to expand in the southern part of Haiti.  After a one day clinic done last year in Pond Sonte', a VOSH team is going for a usual week long mission to the same area in May 2014.  Again, we will be making connections for follow up surgical care along with our usual provision of eyeglasses and sunglasses to people who need them.

We need your support to help pay for eyeglasses, surgical care costs and equipment purchases and repairs for use on our missions.  Our volunteers pay the full cost of their trip.  This usually ranges from about $1400 to $2000, but the reward of helping someone who has no means to repay you.....is PRICELESS!  No money donated to VOSH PA is used for the personal use of our volunteers.  It all goes for the above mentioned use.