VOSH PA Mission to Cap Haitien, Haiti

January 4th to 11, 2019

Trip Leader: Diane Wilson, OD

Our team consisted of six optometrists:Patti Landry, Suzanne Ward, krystal Shull, Jane Shea, myself and Dan stadelman. There were three Optometry students . Two from the St Louis school and one from the Puerto Rico school. They were all third years. They did a fabulous job and two of them are going with me again in November! We also had three lay people.

Once again Joseph (our in-country coordinator) did a great job of organizing the trip. We went to four rural locations. Lambay, Plan du Nord, Cancok, Limonade and one day in cap-haitien in a church on 21st Street.
We saw 1113 patients. In addition, we screened about 350 students. We referred 30 people for cataract surgery and 99 for glaucoma. As always, our patients were wonderful and incredibly appreciative. We had a nice stay at the Mont Joli. Thank you for the honor of serving


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